We emerged from the fatigue of the pandemic to tap the power within us.

Our story

It was at the tail end of the pandemic when the founder was feeling uninspired and weary. She took a leap of faith and joined the "Great resignation" and left her secured corporate position. Hours spent in the gym focussing on her physical and mental wellness while listening to motivational podcast, revived her soul and energy. She realised that there is still desire within her for personal growth. She then decided to explore and embrace new challenges through the activewear business which she has always been passionate about. There was certainly fear of failure or even if she has the energy to start something new and risky at 52. But she reckoned her desire to see her full potential is bigger than her fear.

ZHOORA is testament to the fearlessness and resilience of human spirit, who refuse to settle, knowing that within each of us lies the power to break boundaries and chart our own path.

Our special features

To reinforce a 'can do' approach to wellbeing and fitness, ZHOORA strategically place motivational quotes inside all our tops and dresses under the FLEX Collections. Subtle encouragements, aimed at one’s inner self rather than those watching from the side-lines.

Our new collections

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Our Quality

All our clothes are tested to ensure that our design and choice of fabric will provide comfort whether it is in the gym, a yoga class, a running trail or just for lounging over coffee with friends.

three young ladies in blue and black activewear. One wearing hijab, one wearing longsleeves sports bra and another wearing a short sleeve exercise top.

Our 2023 Lookbook