What to Wear to Your Physiotherapy Appointment?

What to Wear to Your Physiotherapy Appointment?

How do you prepare for your first physiotherapy appointment if you don’t know what to wear? The best type of clothing to wear to your appointment should be comfortable and does not restrict your movement, which allows your physiotherapist to easily assess your injuries.


Stick to activewear for your physiotherapy sessions

Firstly, wear something that you are comfortable with. Your physiotherapist must be able to assess and treat your body without being hindered by your clothes. Be prepared to sweat! Physiotherapy appointments can be as rigorous as a training session, so dress as if you were going to an exercise class or the gym. Wearing activewear with moisture-wicking fabric is highly recommended. This is because it allows moisture to travel from your body to the exterior of your clothes, which can then evaporate and keep you dry. The fabric itself is also breathable, which allows you to keep cool and comfortable throughout your physiotherapy appointment.

Wear comfortable clothing that won’t restrict you

Wear clothing that is easy to move in. This will help reduce the amount of pain you feel during your appointment and give you the ability to perform movements that may have been difficult for you before. Avoid wearing restrictive clothing, such as jeans or leggings with tight waistbands. These can make it harder for your therapist to see what is going on when they're treating your problem area, which makes it more difficult for them to help fix whatever is hurting you. Making sure everything fits properly will make every aspect of treatment easier for everyone involved.

Choose clothes that suit your treatment

Do dress accordingly depending on where your injury is located. For example, let’s say you have a shoulder injury. It would be best to wear loose-fitting exercise tops or even sports bras in order to allow easier access for treatment. Also, dress in a way that does not take you five minutes to remove parts of your clothing.

It's best to be prepared for your appointment (by wearing the right clothing!) so you can focus on your rehabilitation. 

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