An Essential Piece for Hijabis for Comfort and Versatility.

A model wearing long sleeve sport bra and bootleg pants from ZHOORA

Active lifestyle has been reaching the height of popularity especially in recent years. There are countless exercise programmes mushrooming, from Crossfit, Barre, ZUU, Aerial Yoga, Konga and BollyX to name a few, leaving us with countless options.

The same applies to our activewear and we see this with the rise of athleisure. Almost all brands are starting with their activewear collection. There is a faint line separating gym and casual wear but everything spell comfort and practicality.

At ZHOORA, our Demure essential long sleeves sports bra epitomize comfort and practicality. A two in one innovation which combines a sports bra with long inner sleeves and turtle-neckline making it perfect for the hijabis. With our Demure Essential, you get the support of a sports bra and the versatility for endless options in styling your athleisure. Pair it with a short sleeves t-shirt, a sleeveless tank top or even a spaghetti strap dress, taking you from brunch with friends, shopping, office to your next physical activities.

Our Demure Essential Long Sleeve Sports Bra paired with our All Go  Bootleg Pants
Our Demure Essential Long Sleeve Sports Bra paired with our All Go Bootleg Pants
Modestly Sporty Iris Short Sleeve
You can also add our modestly Sporty Iris Short Sleeve to the mix.

Topping of with our Sporty Iris Dress

And lastly donning our Sporty Iris Tank Top with the combination of our Demure.

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