Caring for Your Activewear

Caring for Your Activewear

If you’ve just bought your first set of activewear from us, you’ll definitely want to check out these tips for taking care of them. Good activewear will admittedly cost a little more, but you can make sure it’s worth it by making sure they last a long time!

  1. Wash with cold water on a delicate cycle

Washing your activewear with hot water breaks down the textiles and can cause them to shrink, so it’s important to wash them using cold water instead. We highly recommend washing them on a delicate cycle or a hand-wash cycle to protect them from further damage. 

  1. Don’t use fabric softeners

Fabric softeners can damage the textile and stretch of the fabrics. Plus, it also traps bad smells! It damages the fabric over time by creating a coating on your clothes, which doesn’t allow sweat to draw to the surface.

  1. Hang to dry

Avoid using clothes dryers whenever possible. This is because high heat settings used by dryers can alter the fabric of your activewear and cause them to shrink. When hanging them out to dry, keep away from direct sunlight to avoid damaging the fibres.

  1. Don’t wait too long to wash sweaty clothes

After an intense workout, your clothes will usually be stained with sweat. Bacteria can stick on these materials, so you want to wash them immediately after taking them off. Leaving them unwashed for too long makes it harder to remove the sweat stains.


Investing in activewear is more than just about looking stylish, you’re investing in your health and so you should protect these investments by taking good care of them. We hope that these tips will help in making your activewear last longer!

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